Pi Zero

I picked up a Raspberry Pi Zero last week – It’s tiny!
Pi Zero

What’s more, it was free on the front cover of MagPi Magazine.Mag Pi Magazine

Whilst I was waiting for the USB On-The-Go cable and Micro HDMI adaptor to be delivered, I tried one of my original Pi SD cards – but didn’t see any LEDs when powered up. One key difference on the Pi Zero – it has an activity light but no power LED. It also needs the most recent firmware upgrade to boot a Pi Zero, which is why I didn’t get any indication on power-up. A quick rpi-update on my original Pi, and it boots nicely.

Now what should I use for my first project? Mono seems to have made big jumps since I last played with it, so I may see if I can use it to run some C# code.

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