AQL Messaging APIs

It’s been a little while since I posted here.  It has been a busy Summer with a number of projects going on at work.  At home, I had an idea for a product that needs some SMS text and text-to-voice call capability.  I had a quick look around the market, and signed up to the messaging services at AQL.  I’ve used them before for email-to-SMS services in the past, and wanted to explore a few more of their APIs.  I ended up writing this small class in C# to get this off the ground, and I thought I would share the code here.  As of the time of writing, AQL have a free trial service of 50 credits (which gets you 50 SMS or voice calls).  Feel free to use this code as you wish, standard use-at-your-own-risk terms apply.  You can download it here.  Full details of all their APIs are available here. Enjoy!