It begins

I’ve considered writing a blog for a long time, and after finally discovering how ridiculously easy WordPress is to configure on a windows server, I’m going to start posting on here with some of the content that I would normally put on social networks.

A few weeks ago I got started with Raspberry Asterisk, a project that brings the Asterisk IP telephony project onto a Raspberry Pi credit card sized computer.  It’s very neat and astonishingly powerful.  However it’s been a few years since I’ve played around seriously with Linux, and needed to refer to a few guides here and there.  I’ve also wanted to take the basic raspberry asterisk image and enable some other features (voicemail via Gmail smtp servers, vpn server, and dynamic dns registration as a start).  It’s been a learning curve, and thought I could share some of the ideas, solutions and headaches I’ve come across over the last few weeks.

I’ll also probably post about radio, programming in C# and ASP.NET, continued adventures in WordPress, as well as some travel and walking too.


3 thoughts on “It begins

  1. Looking forward to reading about your Pi Adventures.
    I need to sit down and play with mine some more (just need to find a SD Card Reader and put the new Raspbian Distro on)….

    Welcome to WordPress 😀
    Just us a shout if you need any help with it (its my day job these days)

    Good choice on JetPack for sharing and stuff.
    Until they add the missing Twitter bits (setting Via+Related etc) you might want to grab my Plugin Jetpack Extras from Extend.

  2. Hi Jamie! Fancy link swapping? I shall link to you from my blog at

    Hope you’re well – good luck with this!


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