Charged Up

The whirlwind of excitement of my Blog continues with the news that I’ve bought two batteries this week.

The first was for my TomTom Satnav (a 3 year old Go 530).  I spend a reasonable amount of time on the road, and I generally rely on my TomTom to get me the last mile to my destination (usually a radio station or a university).  For the last year or so my device has to be permanently powered as it only lasts a few minutes without a power cable, but in the last month it has been totally reset every time I have used it – even having to set the time at the start of each journey.  It’s otherwise fine and a new software update via TomTom home has given it a new lease of life, so I didn’t want to shell out for a replacement.  The TomTom models don’t have a removable battery, however you can buy kits (which include some basic tools) to open it up and prise out the battery which is actually stuck on the PCB with some very strong glue.  With the help of the following YouTube video and £8 of bits from Amazon, I completed this:

The other battery related purchase came after I saw a friend who had been camping.  He needed enough power to keep a smart phone and a tablet working through a rainy long weekend without access to mains power.  He bought a Powerocks Stone 3, a very high capacity (7800mAh) battery pack, which is big enough to charge an iPhone five times.  That would be perfect for a few days at a festival, and can charge two devices simultaneously.  It is however a little heavy and I generally need a little boost to my aging iPhone at the end of a day when travelling.  So I’ve bought a Powerocks MagicStick for £17, which at 2600mAh is still enough to charge an iPhone nearly twice, and is compact enough that I could carry it in a jacket pocket during a busy day. It even comes with short iPhone and microUSB cables too.

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